RPROP – Axial Flow Pump in Metal

Axial Flow Pump
DN 125 - DN 700
Delivery rate
Qmax. = 7.000 m3/h
Delivery head
Hmax. = 7 m
up to +150 °C
Nominal pressure
6 bar


Crystal suspensions, brine, seawater, cellulose mash, abrasive media, aggressive acids and alkaline solutions.

Design Features

  • Design: horizontal, single-stage
  • Directions of flow: operation in both directions of flow is possible
  • Casing design: pipe elbow in welded or casted design (standard or FEM optimized)
  • Impeller: adjustable propeller blades or inducer
  • Bearing lubrication: oil lubrication
  • Motor coupling: direct coupled, with V-belt drive, with cardan shaft or with gear-box drive
  • Installation versions: base plate, base frame, steel structure or stilt mounting
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Solid content limit value: ca. 5 %


  • Flushing in different versions
  • Temperature and vibration monitoring
  • Flange processing in line with international standards
  • Thermosyphon system
  • Quench system
  • Pump accessories


Single stuffing box, double stuffing box with both running and stationary sealing, stationary shaft seal with quench