Company Tour

Come with us through our company. Immediately on quotation the Materials Department selects the right material for your pump. See how your pumps are manufactured and tested here.

Materials department


Our customers’ requirements for individual material solutions and materials precisely matched to the particular application are met by our materials team.

Our well equipped materials laboratory enables corrosion and wear tests. The comprehensive tests and analyses often form the basis for the correct choice of pump.

Our customers profit from the extensive range of expertise of our materials team:

  • Recommendations for materials and sealing variants for the particular application
  • Proposals for the optimising of pumps and processes
  • Finding alternative materials from a cost, production and application point of view
  • Materials quality assurance
  • Development of new material solutions
  • Support for the Service team

Experts Know-how

In Engineering and Development the latest aids ensure the application oriented, optimal design of our products. 3D-CAD as well as programs for FEM calculations and for the design of impellers, including flow simulations, are today part of the standard.

Right from the initial development of pump designs, market and customers requirements are the focus of attention. This is how the cement slurry pump was designed in the 1920s, and gave valuable service right up to the 70s.

We can now offer you over 40 different model ranges, matched to the new processes and process technologies, which provide a made-to-measure solution to your application.

These designs can be attributed to the following pump model ranges:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Axial centrifugal pumps
  • Semi-axial centrifugal pumps
  • Non-clogging pumps
  • Standardised pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Mobile pumps
  • Liquid ring pumps


The mechanical machining workshops are equipped with CNC controlled machine tools and automatic welding sets. With the investment in several of the latest generation of machining centres RHEINHÜTTE Pumpen GmbH has carried on the continuous equipping and modernising of the machinery in use.

Quality management

Since its foundation Rheinhütte Pumps has regarded itself as an innovative and adaptable company. At the centre of our company activity is the customer, with his wishes, ideas and needs. In close collaboration with our customer, we particularly concentrate on always finding and implementing the optimal solution for the particular problem.

In this the Quality Management System fulfils an important function. It serves the employees of our company as an easy entry into inter-sector and sector related procedures. Our employees are put in a position to be able to transfer the requirements of the standard to their own individual working processes and to comply with them. The implementation of our Quality Management System in the day-to-day processes forms the basis for the effectiveness of this type of system. In this context the constant striving for improvement represents an elementary precondition for the implementation of our quality goals.

The quality of our services and products is aimed at high customer requirements. Meeting these requirements is crucial to the success of the company and thus for safeguarding jobs.

Test facility

At the two production sites in Wiesbaden and Rennerod, there are ultra-modern, efficient test facilities available which have automatic measurement data recording and analysis. This ensures that only tested products leave our premises.



We have a modern, attractive showroom available for customer visits, training sessions and company presentations. The most important pump models are displayed here, so that we can clearly explain the individual pumps to our customers.