High-pressure pumps for concentrated solar power

Rheinhütte Pumpen supplies vertical GVSO molten salt pumps to a 50MW solar power plant in China.

Delingha 50MW is the first commercially operating solar thermal power tower in China, and Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Energy Technology has developed modular solar thermal power plant technology for the project.

Rheinhütte Pumpen will deliver vertical GVSO molten salt pumps for the solar power plant by the first quarter of 2016. First unveiled at ACHEMA 2015, this further development of the enhanced multi-stage hydraulic design will secure the pioneering position of the GVSO series in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. The chemical submersible pump is used for pumping aggressive, hot and contaminated media. It is capable of pumping hot molten salt at temperatures of up to 600OC up to a delivery head of 320 m in solar thermal power towers. Dr. Jürgen Weinerth, Head of Division Rheinhütte Pumpen, is convinced that the experience the company has gained in molten salt applications was a significant reason for award of contract. “Pumping of molten salts used as a heat transmission and storage medium represents a challenging task in solar power stations. Rheinhütte Pumpen has over 40 years of experience and technical know-how in high-pressure and high-temperature applications for solar thermal storage systems. The enhanced multi-stage hydraulic design represents the union of the reliable advantages enjoyed in the GVSO to date with the future market requirements of our customers.”