Newsletter 35

Review of 2014 – Preview of 2015

Dear Readers and dear Friends of Rheinhütte,

another year is drawing to a close once again, the calendar is getting thinner, and Christmas is fast approaching. We are looking back on an eventful year. Together with you, our customers, we have succeeded in realising many interesting projects in 2014:

In March, vertical submersible pumps that correspond to the American API 610 standard went into operation for the first time at the Abreu e Lima refinery near Recife in Brazil. With this reference project, we are hoping to gain additional projects at refineries in South America.

In July we received the biggest single order in the history of our company from Spanish industrial systems building firm Intecsa Ingenieria Industrial SA, for a total of 85 complete pump units. The total volume of the order amounts to more than 4 million Euros and the delivery will take place in the spring of 2015. The operators of the system, which is being used to produce fertilizer at the Waad Al-Shamal Phosphate Industrial Complex, is the Ma’aden Phosphates Company.

In September, Novatec Solar and BASF successfully initialised the operation of a solar-thermal demonstration system with innovative molten salt technology (DMS, Direct Molten Salt Technology). The system is situated at the site of the solar thermal PE1 power station in southern Spain. In this test system, a Rheinhütte vertical pump type GVSO conveys molten salt at 500°C.

To ensure that we can also be a reliable partner for our customers in the future, we are continuing to develop our internal company sequences and production processes on a permanent basis. We are working on our most important theme, customer satisfaction, on an intensive basis. We are improving our infrastructure, optimising the framework conditions and sequences, and creating added capacity.

At our plant in Rennerod, a new hydraulic plastic press for the production of blanks in differing plastics entered operation. This is an important milestone in increasing capacity and reducing throughput times. We are expecting this to lead to a higher level of flexibility and a clear improvement in delivery times.

In January this year, the first part of our new building in Wiesbaden went into operation. Our shipping department, quality assurance and paint shop have now moved into the new rooms. With the paint shop in dry separation paint wall technology and rotating brushes, we can now offer our customers a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of surface coating.

Before the old hall was demolished and start of construction phase 2 at the beginning of 2014, it was necessary to relocate the whole store to Wallau, situated 10 km away. As a result the logistics processes were temporarily inhibited. The lack of space caused due to the construction work also proved to be a further challenge. After the old hall had been pulled down things quickened and construction phase 2 will be completed by the end of the year. The development and commissioning of the new test bench with the customer competence centre is to start in early 2015.

The introduction of a new IT system meant that we were able to optimise our procurement and production processes and therefore make our delivery times appreciably shorter. You will find further information about the system and its positive impact in the article ‚Your aspirations set our standards‘.

In June 2015 the Achema will take place in Frankfurt. We hope to see you there – we are looking forward to welcoming you!

In this sense, we would like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year.

Yours, Jürgen Weinerth

Your requirements set our standards

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals at FRIATEC AG – Division Rheinhütte Pumpen. In this context, our customers‘ aspirations set our standards.

Precise design, quality and safety of our products, short and flexible delivery times without delays characterise both your and our requirements – and are the conditions for an excellent and successful partnership.

To ensure we can realise these conditions at the same time as managing an increased volume of orders, we have introduced some innovations.

Strengthened testing capacities
Once complete, the new pump test bench, with more than double as many testing stations as before, will make the testing and approval processes considerably faster. Thanks to the new 20 meter deep basin, we can test vertical pumps with a submersion depth of up to 19 meters in their original length. In addition to this, it will also be possible to run the differently dimensioned testing stations at the same time to optimise the production throughput times.

Market synchronous production
A further key project is the introduction of the APS system (APS = Advanced Planning & Scheduling) for the management of the entire value added chain, from the incoming order through to the delivery. In comparison with classic IT systems (such as ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning), APS takes the available capacities of all the interacting personnel and machine resources, as well as the availability of the materials, into consideration.

Through the exact imaging of all of the data in the collective order and specialist algorithmic procedures, all the processes become more transparent and can also be optimally managed and synchronised on a company- wide basis. In this way the throughput times are precisely determined, optimised and substantially reduced. Taking the changes that occur into consideration enables more flexibility with the planning. Software-based simulations also offer support with the feasibility analyses of the requested customer deadlines for new orders and projects.

The software solution to optimise the planning has been in operation since mid-2014 and is achieving its initial measurable successes. The plants will be synchronised in terms of all of their sequences from mid-2015 onwards, and will therefore work on-schedule to ensure the requirements-based completion of all orders. In this way we will make another big step towards productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Newsletter 35